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Sigma Mindset, Marketing and Emotional Engagement

May 17th, 2010

Sigma Mindset (, my business, is all about powerful transformational tools for personal and business improvement. Today, I want to discuss what I think is one of the most powerful marketing tools that there is: Emotional Engagement.

In marketing, emotional engagement is all about connecting with the client. In fact, connecting with them to such a point that you:

  • Have a strong emotional connection
  • Understand what the client’s problems are
  • Offer to solve that problem for them

People buy on the emotional benefits of the product but they also buy based on the relationship that is formed with the seller – how connected they feel towards you the seller. Now the seller can be you personally or it can be your staff and if it is your staff then you need to be conscious of the emotional engagement that your staff have to you and your organisation.

I’ve seen studies showing real estate people increased sales by 250 – 300% while insurance sales people doubled their productivity – this at least makes you stand up and take notice.

Here are a few factors that when applied have the potential to skyrocket your sales:

  1. Establish rapport. It is possible to form the beginnings of a positive relationship within the first few moments of contact. Issues of safety and trust are paramount
  2. Approach with a position of genuineness. Can you smell a fake a mile off? Well guess what? So can most of the world’s population. Whatever you do, do it with congruence
  3. Understand the importance of women in sales. Women are responsible for 70 – 80% of the decisions about purchasing. Studies show that in marriage the most important component for happiness is emotional connection with their spouse. Do you think this emotional need could cross over into their purchasing relationships?
  4. Convey enthusiasm and if possible, passion, for your product
  5. People buy on benefits, not features. That is, “what is in it for me?” If you understand this then you will be looking to solve the customer’s problem
  6. Listen. Sounds simple? Yes and no. You are on a mission to listen to the deepest needs of your client and there are skills involved.  Listen with an attitude of care and empathy and you cannot go wrong
  7. If you have staff that sell for you then you need to cultivate emotional engagement between your organisation and your staff. It really is unrealistic to expect your staff to conduct themselves with emotional connection to their customers, if you yourself do not foster that within the place they work.

Obviously, there are skills involved in achieving these factors and I will be sharing these in another post so keep tuned.

In the mean time, let me know what you think of this approach to selling. Would you like to hear more about how to follow through with emotional engagement and online marketing?

I conduct training in the area of “Increasing Sales Through Emotional Engagement” so if you have any questions for me just use the “contact us” tab above.

Until next time – happy connecting


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