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Andrew and Daryl Grant’s 4 Day Workshop

June 3rd, 2010

Would you like to make money while you sleep?

This is my third post in this series and I thought it would be useful to hear from some people who really are succeeding with their online digital products. Now the Grant’s sent me these stories but two of these people are actually friends of mine so I can vouch for their stories personally. In fact, I know that they are doing even better than than these short stories indicate. Enjoy!

Annette Welsford from Brisbane has done an awesome job with her book on how to grow juicy, tasty tomatoes. It’s worked so well she now provides it in hard copy as well as downloadable, and offers her readers other products too, such as a tomato recipe book. She’s gotten loads of free publicity on TV, radio and newspapers, and has built an effective (and automated)way to get wonderful testimonials from her readers. Annette made $50,000 from her tomato book last year, and is on track to make $75,000 this year. And she spends just 4 hours a week on it!

Andrej and Karen Brummer first met us at a seminar. They’d been trying lots of other investment strategies with no luck. In fact when we met, they’d just lost everything doing some share trading. But they knew they wanted financial freedom. So they applied everything they learned in our ebook pack, and after running a few survey sites, settled on the topic of “salt water aquariums”. They launched it about 2 years ago, and it’s made between US$300 and US$850 a week every week since, on autopilot. They’ve now grown it into an even bigger business, supplying aquarium products -which they get drop-shipped so it also happens on autopilot. And they’ve set up a membership site to get continuity income as well.

Duncan Capicchiano, a naturopath from Melbourne, was flat broke when he started the ebook process. He spent his last few dollars on promoting his ebook, which he developed using our system. According to Duncan, he tested a few topics with survey sites-which helped hugely, as some of the topics he thought would be winners weren’t. So focusing on the ones that the research showed would work, he followed the system and put together his first ebook. The first one took him about 3 months. These days he says it takes him about 6 weeks to get a new book up from idea to cash. He’s currently making a monthly profit of $10,000, and with the new books he has in the pipeline he’s planning to double that shortly.

Liz Raad (who’s recently moved up to Queensland)is making over $5,000 a month from her ebook, despite a rocky start. Liz launched her “knitting for profit” site in January 09 -only to find there were NO sales. But to her credit, instead of giving up Liz followed the process, doing the monitoring and fine-tuning. She got her first Clickbank cheque on 1 March for $1,402.47. (Yay!!)After some coaching as part of our program, she’s increased her sales to over $5,000 a month. She’s branched out and is now using other traffic driving methods, including Web 2.0 and teleseminars, based on what she’s learned from us. Liz says her keys to success are “keeping going and staying focused despite the distractions of a young family, BSOs (bright shiny objects!), and the site not converting initially”.

Jody Anderson (who also has a craft business but in a different market to Liz’s)came to our 4 day Sydney workshop 2 years ago.  She was totally blown away by our session on Membership sites and completely reshaped the direction her business was heading.  Says Jody, “It was at that event that I had my big ‘a-ha’ moment”.  My business has now grown into a very exciting craft-based global membership site with over 300 members, turning over nearly $10,000 per month.  It has taken a bit of work to grow it -we launched just over 1 year ago, but we have grown each month (even when we lost a few with the ‘global financial crisis’)”. Jody now works from home part-time, and the business allows her to spend quality time with her two small children.Â

Anyway, if you want to find out more about how these people actually did this, then I’d suggest you attend the Grant’s 4 day workshop on the Gold Coast. Just go to

Until next time


PS. If you do go to the workshop, drop me a line and let me know what you thought.

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Andrew and Daryl Grant’s 4 Day Workshop

May 27th, 2010

How to Make Income While You Sleep (continued)

Last post I told you about the upcoming 4 day workshop that the Grant’s are holding. Now you may be asking why I am writing about this? Well, simply because I have been and I honestly found it one of the most informative workshops I have ever been to. In fact I was so impressed that I went on to be personally mentored by Andrew and Daryl.

Today, I thought I’d give you some basic information about getting started with ebooks. Again, if you want to have a look at one that we did just go to:

And, yes it does make money while we sleep.  Still not as much as we would like but this is where the final step outlined below of “test and measure” is so important.

Step One: Pick Your Topic

If you expect people to buy the information you sell, you need to select topics that people are hungry and passionate to learn about.  Think about it – people who are passionate about something are much more willing to spend money on it.  Finding out what people are passionate about is a matter of looking around – what magazines are people buying? What television shows are people watching?  What hobbies do you or your friends or family have?  These are all potentially good topic areas that may make for information products people want to buy.

Step Two: Create Your Information Product

Once a topic has been selected, it’s time to create the product!  Information products are downloadable, and are text, audio or video – or some combination of these things.  There are a number of options for creating information products, including:

  • Record yourself talking about the topic and then sell the mp3 audio file
  • Have the audio file transcribed into text to include with the audio, or to turn into an ebook
  • Get someone else to write your ebook or report
  • Interview an expert on your subject matter and record the conversation with audio and/or video

Step Three: Create Your Sales Page

The sales page is the website that asks visitors to take action (and buy the information product).  Sales pages typically follow a formula that you can duplicate.  Visit (the largest supplier of downloadable products) and view sales pages for popular products.   You’ll see that each site follows the same basic structure:

Headline:  you have about 5 or 10 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention with your headline, so make it a good one!

Hook:  you need a good story so people are emotionally involved with your product.  A hook sets you apart from others and makes people realize you are an expert on the topic matter and someone they can relate to.

Proof:  you’ll need to prove your product is what you say it is through testimonials, research, before and after pictures or statistics.

Product Description:  people won’t buy anything if they don’t know what they’re going to get.  Describe what the product offers in terms of benefits, not just the features.  Use bullet points to list the benefits of the product.

Offer: make a no-brainer offer that people can’t refuse through bonuses and extras.

Guarantee:  people only buy from companies or people they trust.  Since they don’t know who you are, you’ll need to provide a guarantee that makes them feel secure in providing their payment details online.

Step Four: Create the Website

Selling information products requires a website with a process to collect payment from the buyers.  Use simple graphics, a professional banner across the top, and your sales page content.  Having a 3D graphic of the ebook cover, or other product image to represent the information product you’re selling will improve your sales.

Collecting payment is easy when you use Clickbank to sell the product.  They handle all of the payment transactions, and each month you’ll receive payment from Clickbank for your sales

Step Five: Get Visitors to Your Website

If you want people to buy from your website, you need to get visitors to the site.  At first, using Google Adwords is an effective way to bring targeted visitors to your website within 30 minutes of setting it up.  When someone clicks on your advertisement in Google, you’ll pay Google a few cents and the visitor is taken to your website to read your sales page.

Step Six: Test and Measure

Once your website is set up and receiving visitors, you can start to test and measure your sales conversions.  If you notice you are getting a lot of visitors but not many sales, you can probably make small adjustments to the content on the sales page to improve the number of visitors who buy your product.  There is split testing software available to help you tweak the content and measure the results of each change.

Areas to test include the headline, customer testimonials, the wording of your offer and the price.

These are the six steps that Andrew and Daryl Grant and myself use to create money-making websites that run on auto-pilot

If you’d like step by step training from Andrew and Daryl in how to do this yourself, book in to their next workshop – here’s the link.

Here’s an overview that Andrew and Daryl sent me of what the 4 day workshop entails:

DAY 1 -Friday 4 June.  Today you’ll be learning all about making passive income on the internet.  We show you step-by-step exactly how to find a lucrative niche, as well as some quick, clever ways to research that niche so that you can beat your competition. We’ll also show you how to write a winning sales letter. You know we have one sales letter that’s made us over a million dollars? We’ll show you how.

DAY 2 – Saturday 5 June.  We continue with the steps to creating a passive online income. You’ll learn how to quickly, easily and cheaply build downloadable products. We then show you the ways we drive loads of eager-to-buy people to our websites. We’ll show you how we use Google Adwords, email marketing, teleseminars, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and loads more to quickly find hungry customers.

DAY 3 – Sunday 6 June.  Today we finish off the process of building a passive online business by showing you how to build a website that sells, and how to tweak it to get the most income out of it. That website that’s made us over a million dollars -would you believe we nearly canned it in the first few weeks? It wasn’t until we tweaked it (and we’ll show you how) that the money started flowing. Then we show you something REALLY exciting -how you can supercharge the process, and create a 6 or 7 figure business in as little as 90 days. Over the last 2 years we’ve been involved in 9 of these businesses -at the workshop you’ll see why we think they’re the best thing since sliced bread!

DAY 4 -Monday 7 June. We know that none of this works without a success mindset, and a plan to make it all a reality. On this last day we show you the “secret sauce” that we add to all our internet businesses that makes them so successful. We first show you the techniques we use to identify and eliminate our subconscious blockages to being successful (yes, we’re still weeding them out!). Then we show you how we plan any new internet business so that we get the outcome (and the income!) we want from it. You’ll walk out at 5pm with a mini business plan, ready to start on Tuesday!

Just click here if you want to know more about the workshop and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Until next time


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Andrew and Daryl Grant’s 4 Day Workshop

May 21st, 2010

Do you want to make money while you sleep?

Imagine waking up every morning, turning on your computer, checking your bank account and experiencing that thrill when the balance has increased by another few hundred dollars. Sounds like a dream? Not for one Queensland couple. It’s a daily reality.
You may remember some months ago spoke about Andrew and Daryl Grant who made US$250,000 in the first year of their online business a couple of years ago. (Yes, Daryl is a woman – Andrew’s wife!) They’d literally wake up every morning and log into their bank account to view the hundreds of dollars which had arrived overnight. Every night, every week, every month. And they’re still doing it. Only now it’s as much as a few thousand dollars a night, and climbing every week.
I’m now being trained by Andrew and Daryl to create my own money making internet business. Some time ago I attended one of their 4 day workshops and I must say it was mind blowing. They literally showed us behind the scenes of several of their businesses and told us exactly what to do to set up a similar business. The research, the technical stuff, the marketing – everything you could possible want to know.
Now I’ve got some great news for you. They’re running more 4-day workshops this year, 4-7th June  where they’re going to share the same information.
I’m telling you about the workshops because I think you would find them as fascinating as I did.
Here’s the link to find out more and to register if you decide to go:

Now here’s two really great bits of news.
Firstly, the tickets sell for $1997 each, however as I’m now a client, they’ve offered me limited seats at special price of $197, and all the proceeds of these limited ticket sales are being donated to their favourite charity – This wonderful charity provides micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs in developing countries.
Secondly, the discount ticket also entitles you to bring a friend along – so why not find someone to take and share the price of the ticket! You just need to register them when you purchase your ticket. They don’t let anyone in who hasn’t registered online.

So, now that the admin stuff is out of the way, here’s what they’ll be covering.
Over the last four years or so that they’ve had their internet business they’ve learned loads of different ways to make money online. They believe that it’s really important to have MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, so they’ll be showing you all the ways they use to make money.
They’ll show you everything, from powerful little money-earners that are so simple you can set them up on a Saturday afternoon, to a massive business that makes millions of dollars a year.
They provide practical, in-depth, how-to’s. What’s really nice is they deliver all this information without any hype and teasers that leave you wanting more.

Anyway, no need to take me word for it, just check out this link for a number of other people, just like you and me who have gained so much out of the workshop:

Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you updated on the workshop and maybe some more tips about building an online business.
You may like to have a look at one of my ebook websites that is chugging along nicely and this is using the Grant’s teachings.

Until next time
PS – Last time I checked there were already quite a number of bookings for the next workshop, so if I was you I wouldn’t hesitate to register. It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. Here’s the registration link again:

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Andrew and Daryl Grant – Final Step To Build eBook Website

June 1st, 2009

Step six—Monitor and fine-tune to maximize results

Activate your sales campaign by going to Google adwords and reactivating your ads. The campaign is generally up and running in under 30 minutes. You can check that it’s working by doing a Google search on one of your key words, and clicking on the ad. It should go straight to your home page with your sales letter.

Every day for the first few weeks (or until the campaign is consistently profitable) you need to monitor two things:

  • Number of sales—You can check how many books you are selling by logging onto Clickbank and looking at the Daily Sales graph. You generally expect about a 1 % buy rate, that is, for every 100 people that click on your site, you should be selling 1-2 books. If you are selling less than this, you may need to:
    • Make some changes to your sales letter
    • Increase your advertising budget, as your ad may be stopped (if it hits your budget) before your market is “awake”.

If you are making changes, it’s important to change only one thing at a time, so you can see what’s working.

You will also need to monitor the number of refunds. This is also done via Clickbank.

  • Effectiveness of your advertising—You can monitor this on Google adwords. The things you need to watch and improve on are:
    • Number of impressions—this is the number of people who see your ad. You can increase this by adding more key words. You will also find that the number builds up naturally over time as other people pick up your ad and place it on their own websites.
    • Number of clicks—this is the number of people who’ve seen your ad and clicked on it. You are aiming for a few hundred clicks a day, but the more the better. You can improve this by adding more key words.
    • Click through rate—this is the proportion of people who see your ad, who actually click on it. You can increase this by changing the wording of your ads, or deleting the ads that are not performing well. You can also increase the price per click, which will put your ad further up the list. You should be aiming for about 5% on your top key words.
    • Conversion rate—this is the proportion of people who click on your ad, who actually buy the product. This will also tell you how much it costs you in advertising to get each sale. Expect it to cost about $8-$10 per book, for a $27 e-book.

If you have put a “contact us” button on the home page, you will also have to reply to email questions and comments regularly.

We found that Perry Marshall’s “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” improved our income enormously. Go to for his manual.

Don’t forget to have a look at this link if you are interested in building either a ebook or membership site business. This is what we have been using and found it truly fabulous

I hope you have enjoyed this series on building a ebook website and it has inspired you to have a go. It is never easy but can be very rewarding.

Until next time


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Andrew and Daryl Grant – Building an eBook Website Step 5

May 28th, 2009

Step five—Build your website with a process to collect the money

You can now change your survey site to a full sales site. The pages you’ll have are:

  • Your home page. This has your sales letter on it, and buttons people can click on to buy. It also has buttons to get to the other pages.
  • A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. You should start with some basic questions, such as:
    • Can I buy the book if I live outside the United States?
    • I don’t have a credit card – how else can I pay for the book?
    • Can I get the book in hard copy, or only as an e-book?
    • How do I know that what you’re saying is true?
    • How secure is Clickbank?

You can then add other questions as people email you queries.

  • A “contact us” page, with a form they can submit with boxes for their email address, name, and question or comment.

Here are the steps to building the website:

  • Create each of your pages in MS Word. Once you are happy with the content, do a “save as”, and save them as webpages.
  • Edit the look of your webpages. The software we use for this is Dreamweaver, from
  • Upload the finished page to the web via ftp.

You can make your website look really professional by doing the following:

  • Have a good template and graphics, such as an ebook cover. is really good value for doing this, and we always find that sales go up when we change the look of our sites to being more professional.
  • Add audio or video for real impact. Instant audio / video generator is the software we use for this. You can get it at

Throughout your sales letter you give people the opportunity (and the encouragement) to buy your e-book, and include a link which says something like “Click here to purchase”.

It’s easiest to sell your e-book through Clickbank ( Clickbank is the internet’s largest on-line distribution centre for electronic products. When someone clicks on the “Click here to purchase” button on your website, they are immediately taken to Clickbank’s secure server. Clickbank take their credit card details and do all the payment processing. They are then sent to a page on your site from which they can download the e-book.

Using Clickbank does two things:

  • It makes people feel more comfortable buying your book on the internet, as Clickbank is well-known and trusted. Clickbank also honours the guarantee, making the purchase risk-free for the buyer.
  • It also stops people ripping you off by giving you false credit card details.

Every fortnight, Clickbank then posts you a cheque (in US dollars) which you can deposit into your bank account.

It costs about $60 to set up a Clickbank account. You can register as many products as you like on one Clickbank account.

The other useful thing about Clickbank is that they have an “affiliate” program. This means that other people can see that you are selling your book on line, and can promote your book on their site. They get a percentage of any sale they make (and you can nominate the percentage), but it costs you nothing to advertise on their site.

The process for registering your product on Clickbank is a bit complicated.

You need to fill out a list of information about your product:

  • Brief description of your product
  • The retail price ClickBank should charge for this product.
  • Are you the creator of this product?
  • If not, from whom did you obtain a license to sell it?
  • Do your product promotions match all of our guidelines (above)?
  • Did you make a $0.00 test purchase yet? (ie did you test that the links all work?)
  • How is this product digitally delivered? (web page, email, etc)
  • How fast is this product delivered? (5 seconds, 5 minutes, etc)
  • The address of your sales page.
  • The address of your Thank You Page.
  • Comments.

You then need to wait until Clickbank has approved your book (1-3 days) before you can start to sell it.
Once your product has been approved by Clickbank, you need to double check that the links to, from and between your web pages are all working. You also need to ensure the down-load process for your e-book is working, so that once someone has paid for your book, they can get it easily and instantaneously

If you hadn’t had a look at Clickban yet, I would also strongly suggest that you do. Besides using it to sell your own product, you can choose to sell other people’s products.

To find out more about the Grant’s ebook and membership business just follow the link below or the banner on the right

Until next time


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