Andrew and Daryl Grant’s 4 Day Workshop

Do you want to make money while you sleep?

Imagine waking up every morning, turning on your computer, checking your bank account and experiencing that thrill when the balance has increased by another few hundred dollars. Sounds like a dream? Not for one Queensland couple. It’s a daily reality.
You may remember some months ago spoke about Andrew and Daryl Grant who made US$250,000 in the first year of their online business a couple of years ago. (Yes, Daryl is a woman – Andrew’s wife!) They’d literally wake up every morning and log into their bank account to view the hundreds of dollars which had arrived overnight. Every night, every week, every month. And they’re still doing it. Only now it’s as much as a few thousand dollars a night, and climbing every week.
I’m now being trained by Andrew and Daryl to create my own money making internet business. Some time ago I attended one of their 4 day workshops and I must say it was mind blowing. They literally showed us behind the scenes of several of their businesses and told us exactly what to do to set up a similar business. The research, the technical stuff, the marketing – everything you could possible want to know.
Now I’ve got some great news for you. They’re running more 4-day workshops this year, 4-7th June  where they’re going to share the same information.
I’m telling you about the workshops because I think you would find them as fascinating as I did.
Here’s the link to find out more and to register if you decide to go:

Now here’s two really great bits of news.
Firstly, the tickets sell for $1997 each, however as I’m now a client, they’ve offered me limited seats at special price of $197, and all the proceeds of these limited ticket sales are being donated to their favourite charity – This wonderful charity provides micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs in developing countries.
Secondly, the discount ticket also entitles you to bring a friend along – so why not find someone to take and share the price of the ticket! You just need to register them when you purchase your ticket. They don’t let anyone in who hasn’t registered online.

So, now that the admin stuff is out of the way, here’s what they’ll be covering.
Over the last four years or so that they’ve had their internet business they’ve learned loads of different ways to make money online. They believe that it’s really important to have MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, so they’ll be showing you all the ways they use to make money.
They’ll show you everything, from powerful little money-earners that are so simple you can set them up on a Saturday afternoon, to a massive business that makes millions of dollars a year.
They provide practical, in-depth, how-to’s. What’s really nice is they deliver all this information without any hype and teasers that leave you wanting more.

Anyway, no need to take me word for it, just check out this link for a number of other people, just like you and me who have gained so much out of the workshop:

Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you updated on the workshop and maybe some more tips about building an online business.
You may like to have a look at one of my ebook websites that is chugging along nicely and this is using the Grant’s teachings.

Until next time
PS – Last time I checked there were already quite a number of bookings for the next workshop, so if I was you I wouldn’t hesitate to register. It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. Here’s the registration link again:

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